quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012


I just take this testimony in the Judiciary Police Station, where I work. It turns out that shortly after this old Solange's brother out of my courtroom, a neighbor of the accused, and my friend came to tell me the truth about this story. She told me that this Andrew was assaulted with a knife thrust by his wife Eliane, regarding the accusation of sexual harassment, Andre, against Fernanda, and Andrew's wife, irritated by her husband gave her a stab in hand. As the old Solange, sister of Andrew, was the same for many years, being financially exploited by her brother, Andre, and Eliane. The charges against the social workers are false, this couple wants to again be "taking care" of Solange to continue appropriating the money from her. (By: Valdemir Mota de Menezes, The Scribe)
--------------------------------------Denies having called Fernanda de Jesus Oliveira to have sex. But that day his house was raided by Euvanide, Fernanda, a psycho street who was taken by Euvanide and his wife Eliane, that someone threw a sharp object to cut the hand of the declarant, causing great bloodshed. Following on the declarant came out of the house and came to faint from loss of blood. He knows that Euvanice was stoking popular to kill the declarant by lynching, since the area is slum. The declarant had his life saved because of the declarant friends passing by stopped the popular uprising culminated with the murder of the declarant.
Do not know why the claim Fernanda raised this charge against the declarant. As for her sister, Solange Ferreira, have to say that in March, the first day his son died of cancer. Cancer that has spread throughout his body. At the time the declarant had no financial condition and asked for help for her sister to assist at the funeral of the son of the declarant. Later declarer called for more then another thousand and thousand dollars, because this time the declarant was not working, just as the wife of the declarant can not work to care for the child who had cancer.
This money in front of the declarant asked the social worker and is not true that required, but asked if her sister Solange could help the declarant. It turns out that the declarant suspects that social workers are taking money from her sister Solange, because she is retired and earns more than two thousand dollars for retirement. The elderly who do not have financial condition is not treated with special attention to how they treat Solange. The declarant has seen in the center of San Vicente, Rua Jacob Emerick, social workers (two) choosing brand name bags and clothes and her sister singing, it appeared that his sister was to pay the bills. The declarant has asked for accountability of the money from his sister who was a year and two months at Home Being a city hall, but they do not have accountability.

Given this, the declarant has pushed her sister out of the Home of Being, however, social workers probably made an agreement with the owner of the house for the elderly, called CASA BLANCA for his sister to stay sheltered there, paying to stay, almost all the payment Retirement of Solange. The declarant has tried to visit her sister, but the owner of CASA BLANCA said the social workers left the hall a document prohibiting the declarant to visit her sister.
The declarant considers it illegal, because there is no judicial determination to that effect, and the declarant is legitimate blood relative of Solange, being in fact the only living blood relative. The declarant believed that her sister is being exploited by these pseudo-welfare. Require the declarant to be introduced which press inquiries to raise the monthly price of the other inmates at CASA BLANCA, knowing that the majority of inmates earn wages below that of his sister. There are indications that these pseudo social workers are taking advantage of the condition of their profession and position to explore older people who have resources.

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